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Hi, I’m Carrie, a carrier of the creative through the written and spoken word.

For years, as a stay-at-home mom, I struggled to reconcile being a mother with growing my own potential. I wanted to be fully present with my daughter. And I felt a deep longing to access my creativity—a creativity that I’d tapped into as a pregnant woman. I needed to create. To feel connected.

But how could family life be a part of this path, and not a distraction from it? Turns out, making a home, in every sense of the word, has been part of my path. Turns out, I’m wild, I’m connected to the world wherever I may be.

I’m a former homeschooling mom . . . now mom to a high schooler.

I’ve created curriculum and written on motherhood, childhood and building a school culture from the ground up. I’m a contributing author in the anthology, On Becoming a Mother, and a past contributor at She’s Wanderful and Start Empathy. I’ve been actively involved in bringing Waldorf education to the community as a volunteer, parent and writer. A lover of words and sounds, I designed and taught a Rhythm and Movement class, coupled with healthy speech, with elementary students, as well as with adults. I am also trained as a birth doula and BOLD Method birth facilitator, and I use this wisdom for supporting the birth of new ideas.


Get To Know Carrie

Hometown:   Neptune Beach, Florida

Education:   Master of Education, University of Florida

Human Design:   Projector

Gene Key Prime Gifts:   4, 49, 23, 43

Myers-briggs:   INFP

Add a Favorite Saying

To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.”

Rudolf Steiner

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